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True enough…

True enough…

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But it feels like literally every 10th post in the Night Vale tag is someone asking for someone else to tell them what it is.

You do realize that, in the time it took you to make that post, you could drop “Welcome to Night Vale” into this WONDERFUL thing called Google and have all the answers you need, right?

Look what the first three links are!

1) The website that hosts the show

2) The iTunes feed link

3) The Wikipedia page on the show

If you REALLY need more information than that… I don’t know what to tell you. Are people REALLY this incapable of discovering information for themselves? Are there this many people with a desperate, grasping inability to do anything without someone else holding their hand?

Christ… kids these days… *grumble*

This fandom… it’s killing me.

I have no visual art skills whatsoever and never have, so contributions to fandoms I enjoyed were always next to nil but… but I’m now finding myself mentally compiling a list of songs for…. a Night Vale fanmix!

Ohhhh how far I have fallen… woe… woe unto me…

(So uhh… what’s the best way to share one of these things anyway?)


*one year later spoilers*

Let us m—….can’t…. I am still holding this trophy…

I’m almost fully caught up on Night Vale. Only the most recent episode left to go, which I’m saving for tomorrow.

And oh man… episode 25: “One Year Later”… that was just… hard to listen to.

I’m generally a pretty sentimental and emotional guy. I get choked up at movies quite frequently, but I also tend to feel that tumblr sometimes goes overboard with “MUH FEELS!” histrionics and ridiculousness, but after listening to Cecil’s on-air breakdown? And the Arby’s parking lot scene?


Oh gods… this show is getting under my skin.

Oh hey, tumblr - I’m kinda back.

Haven’t signed in in the last few months since my old comp died.

What’s new, you ask? Pacific Rim as awesome and Guardians of the Galaxy SDCC news is giving me a HUGE boner. You?

1,934,465 plays






every skrillex song at once


At first I was like “this isn’t so bad”

and then I was like


Been waiting for to be back on my dash


Holy dammit this is crazy


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taskmaster.. stahp!

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He is a hedgehog and his name is Hedgie…I am 21 and proud to admit this about myself. 

31 and I have a stuffed Rabbit named Molly

Mid 30s. Just added a penguin to the bed. His name is Special Boy.


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I think we all need a reminder today that the human race isn’t all bad.

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